Monday, July 5, 2010

Photoshoot of Wildlife 1

Hi everyone..
It's me again. This time I want share with all of you most the photos that I've took at National Zoo. Actually at this time, I and my friends are planning to go to National Zoo for photoshoot together but unfortunately they can't make it. So, lastly I have to photoshooting alone and it quite bored because I don't have anyone to share my ideas and to talk to :( But, it's okay because maybe they have more important things to do than photoshoot. So, here's most of the photos that I have taken.

p/s: For your information, all of the photos was taken using a telephoto lens so that it will be easier for us to take a photo of the animal because we can shoot a photo of the animal from a long distance.


azzizatul.huda said...

sori la x follow..
btw gambar 1st terbaek ah.. kedua pon smart

hikari & yami said...

thnx huda..
xpe len kali kte leh g


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