Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photoshoot of Wildlife 2

Hi everyone..
It's me again. This time I want share with all of you most the photos that I've took at Kuala Lumpur Birdpark on 27th June 2010. Same as before I and my friends are planning to go to this place for some photoshoot together but unfortunately they can't make it. So, lastly I have to photoshooting with my dad. Maybe they have more important things to do than photoshoot and also it is has been a very good moment because I and my dad rarely spend time together due to both of us quite busy with our works. During the photoshoot also I learn a quite valuable things about how to photoshoot things. So, here's most of the photos that I have taken.

It is really quite tough to shoot all of these kind of birds. This is because when I try to approach them, they will run or fly away. So, I have to wait for a real good moment to shoot it. Hopefully all of you will give your comments okay.


nur hidayah isa said...


ciK na..... said...

suker yg helang tue..
nk wat pic profile fb boley??
sgup byor brape pon...hehe
thumb up 4 u...

hikari & yami said...

thnx sume..
cik na: boleh2... hehehe... utk syg leh aje..


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