Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Pics For Friends

Hello everyone..
It has been 6 month since I update my photoblog... Hehehe... It is a very long time ago.. I think the last entry is during after The Eid... Hahaha... So today I just want to upload everything that I have in my picture folder.. Hope you all enjoy.. But let me say something first.. All these pictures are out of date because I have been already uploaded it in my facebook photo album last semester break... But for people that haven't see hope all of you enjoy... Lastly, please give a comment ok... This is for my new friends : Fatin, Shidot and Aisya... Because they had been request me to update my pictures... hehehe


Hope this will give you girls ideas about photography...


~Princess Nasuha~ said...

best2 tgk ko punyer gmbr,..
nk bljr cara2nyer,..

hikari & yami said...

hehehe.. thnx.. hehe.. ala t kfk ader wt outing t bljr la..
suh akmal ajr korg... hehe


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