Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Pictures II

As-salam to everyone..
It's been a while since I update my blog. Actually I'm quite busy recently so I don't have an ample time to upload all the photos in this blog. So, today I will upload all the photos that I have taken during last 3 months. So, enjoy,comment and critiques.

I really glad that I got a chance to shoot for an engagement event for my friend's sister. She has invite me to photoshoot for the event. But, I'm still a beginner.. A really damn amateur!!!
I still do not have the guts to ask her to pose and everything.. My mouth is so damn tight to outspoken... Here are s
ome of the pictures.. So I still need a lot of your comment towards all of these pictures... Thank to all that support me and escpecially to Farhanah and Nabila for the opportunities!!!

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